Price List and Terms of Sale

Our price list is modified from time to time to align with our ever-changing inventory.

Prices depend on the size and quality of the species selected. What follows is for general guidance only.

We no longer sell individual trees unless they require a spade truck. 

When offered, sale prices are listed under “What’s New.”



  • Purchasers must select the tree(s) of their choice while still “in ground” on site. Appointments required.
  • The vendor confirms that all stock is in good health at the time of sale, per customer inspection.
  • As a condition of wholesale trade, the vendor does not accept responsibility for stock once it has left the property.
  • All tree stock travels at the risk of the buyer and transporter. The vendor disclaims any liability or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the productivity, performance, results secured in transplanting or any other consequential damages as these factors are entirely beyond our control.
  • HST may be applicable on sales.
  • Without approved credit, payment is on a cash (or cheque) basis only and due at the time the trees are removed from the property (i.e., C.O.D.). We no longer accept credit card purchases.
  • Claims regarding any discrepancy in size, quantity or quality must be made at the time of purchase.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • See also Other Services.
For information on landscape design and tree transplanting, see Other Services.


Fir / Abies Balsam, Fraser, Canaan, Grand, Noble
Spruce / Picae Colorado Blue  (Large, 12 – 25 ft.)
  Colorado Blue  (6 – 10 ft.) Volume discounts
White  (Large, 12 – 25 ft., self-dig only)
Serbian (15 – 25 ft.)
Norway (Small, 8 – 12 ft.)
Pine / Pinus Eastern White  (All sizes, up to 30 ft.)
Mugo  (All sizes, up to 8 ft.) Volume discounts
Larch / Larix European  (15 – 20 ft.+)
Cedar / Thuja White (6 – 10 ft.)
Exotics Non-indiginous specimens (limited supply)


Maple / Acer Over 23 varieties available. Sugars (all sizes) priced from $175.
Birch / Betula 4 varieties – prices based on tree variety & size.
Ash / Fraxinus White (large 6″+ caliper) Significant volume discounts.
Autumn Purple & Autumn Applause
Honeylocust  Sunburst, Shademaster and Skyline
Oak / Quercus White, Pyramidal English & Crimson Spire (Copper)


Sargent Tina Crab Apple
Kentucky Coffee
Newport Flowering Plum
Elm – Camperdown (Weeping)
Serviceberry – Selection
Schubert Chokecherry
Ivory Sik Lilac
Ohio Buckeye
Red Jade Crab Apple
American Sycamore
Amur Cork
Northern Catalpa
Patriot Elm